Ariana Grandeминусовки

Ariana Grande

Всего минусовок: 119

1.01Love Me Harder (ft. Weekend)03:55
2.02One Last Time · 4 версии03:18
2.01One Last Time #203:15
2.02One Last Time #303:43
2.03One Last Time #403:18
3.03A Little Bit Of Your Heart03:52
4.04Focus · 4 версии03:31
4.01Focus #203:31
4.02Focus #303:28
4.03Focus #403:32
5.05Break Free03:35
6.06Problem ft. Iggy Azalea · 2 версии03:17
6.01Problem ft. Iggy Azalea #203:16
7.07Best Mistake03:53
8.08Santa Tell Me · 2 версии03:28
8.01Santa Tell Me #203:24
9.09My Everything02:16
10.010The Way (feat Mac Miller)02:17
11.011Almost Is Never Enough02:30
12.012All My Love03:32
13.013Tattooed Heart03:29
15.015Moonlight 03:23
16.016Your my only shorty03:06
17.017Put Your Hearts up03:45
18.018No Tears Left To Cry · 2 версии03:42
18.01No Tears Left To Cry #203:50
19.019Be My Baby03:40
20.020Breathin · 2 версии03:17
20.01Breathin #203:18
21.021Baby I03:16
22.022Popular Song (ft. Mika)03:28
23.023Dangerous Woman · 2 версии03:55
23.01Dangerous Woman #203:55
25.025Hands On Me03:12
26.026Pink Champagne03:26
27.027God is a woman · 4 версии03:11
27.01God is a woman #203:17
27.02God is a woman #303:05
27.03God is a woman #403:22
28.028Honeymoon Avenue05:48
29.029The Way03:45
30.030Just a little bit of your heart03:51
31.031Into You · 6 версий04:05
31.01Into You #204:04
31.02Into You #303:59
31.03Into You #403:27
31.04Into You #503:27
31.05Into You #604:16
32.032Break Free ft. Zedd03:33
33.033Last Christmas03:40
35.035Only Girl (In The World)04:42
36.036Only One03:14
38.038Right There04:24
39.039Why Try · 2 версии03:32
39.01Why Try #203:32
40.040Too Close03:35
41.041Be Alright02:57
42.042fake smile03:29
43.043Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj03:46
45.045Touch It04:42
46.046Thinkin Bout You · 2 версии03:20
46.01Thinkin Bout You #203:19
47.047bad idea 04:27
48.048Knew Better/Forever Boy05:28
49.049break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored03:10
51.0517 rings · 2 версии02:59
51.017 rings #203:04
53.053thank u, next · 2 версии03:27
53.01thank u, next #203:28
54.054Bad Decisions 03:45
55.055Jason's Song (Gave It Away) · 2 версии04:28
55.01Jason's Song (Gave It Away) #204:30