Ella Fitzgeraldминусовки

Ella Fitzgerald

Всего минусовок: 449

1.01Summertime · 12 версий02:38
1.01Summertime #203:53
1.02Summertime #304:03
1.03Summertime #402:47
1.04Summertime #503:53
1.05Summertime #602:41
1.06Summertime #703:28
1.07Summertime #803:21
1.08Summertime #904:05
1.09Summertime #1002:45
1.1Summertime #1103:15
1.11Summertime #1203:40
2.02Puttin' On The Ritz · 8 версий02:14
2.01Puttin' On The Ritz #201:58
2.02Puttin' On The Ritz #302:37
2.03Puttin' On The Ritz #402:18
2.04Puttin' On The Ritz #502:08
2.05Puttin' On The Ritz #602:18
2.06Puttin' On The Ritz #702:18
2.07Puttin' On The Ritz #802:18
3.03Lullaby Of Birdland · 4 версии02:21
3.01Lullaby Of Birdland #202:54
3.02Lullaby Of Birdland #303:33
3.03Lullaby Of Birdland #402:51
4.04Misty · 10 версий02:49
4.01Misty #202:58
4.02Misty #304:01
4.03Misty #402:17
4.04Misty #504:56
4.05Misty #604:27
4.06Misty #704:10
4.07Misty #802:53
4.08Misty #903:40
4.09Misty #1002:58
5.05Cry Me A River · 2 версии04:09
5.01Cry Me A River #205:10
6.06At Last03:12
7.07Cheek To Cheek · 3 версии02:59
7.01Cheek To Cheek #203:47
7.02Cheek To Cheek #303:12
8.08I Got Rhythm · 3 версии03:07
8.01I Got Rhythm #203:07
8.02I Got Rhythm #302:08
10.010Putting On The Ritz02:14
12.012Agua de beber · 2 версии03:28
12.01Agua de beber #202:31
13.013All The Things You Are · 3 версии03:17
13.01All The Things You Are #206:21
13.02All The Things You Are #303:39
14.014Autumn Leaves02:34
15.015Basin Street Blues03:08
16.016Ain't Misbehavin'03:01
17.017Stairway To The Stars · 3 версии02:22
17.01Stairway To The Stars #202:20
17.02Stairway To The Stars #302:25
18.018Nice Work If You Can Get It02:37
19.019Oh, Lady Be Good!03:56
20.020But Not For Me03:42
21.021Someone To Watch Over Me · 6 версий03:17
21.01Someone To Watch Over Me #203:03
21.02Someone To Watch Over Me #304:48
21.03Someone To Watch Over Me #404:35
21.04Someone To Watch Over Me #504:37
21.05Someone To Watch Over Me #604:35
22.022Dream A Little Dream Of Me03:12
23.023My Funny Valentine · 7 версий03:55
23.01My Funny Valentine #204:22
23.02My Funny Valentine #304:32
23.03My Funny Valentine #403:56
23.04My Funny Valentine #504:39
23.05My Funny Valentine #603:53
23.06My Funny Valentine #703:56
24.024Let's Call The Whole Thing Off · 2 версии04:25
24.01Let's Call The Whole Thing Off #204:33
25.025Desafinado · 2 версии07:30
25.01Desafinado #203:57
26.026Get Out Of Town03:21
27.027So Danco Samba05:46
28.028I found my yellow basket02:35
29.029You Don't Know What Love Is03:46
30.030You're The Top02:13
31.031Paper Moon03:37
32.032You're An Old Smoothie · 2 версии02:49
32.01You're An Old Smoothie #202:49
33.033I Concentrate On You03:17
34.034In A Mellow Tone02:39
35.035Of Thee I Sing02:44
36.036It's Alright With Me · 2 версии03:14
36.01It's Alright With Me #203:17
37.037A Fine Romance · 3 версии03:41
37.01A Fine Romance #204:12
37.02A Fine Romance #303:41
38.038Nature Boy02:25
39.039Do I Love You03:54
40.040Johny One Note02:11
41.041Bidin' My Time03:29
42.042My Heart Stood Still · 2 версии03:06
42.01My Heart Stood Still #203:06
43.043How Long Has This Been Going On03:56
44.044Blue Moon · 2 версии03:12
44.01Blue Moon #203:12
45.045Top Hat, White Tie & Tails02:31
46.046Let's Face The Music & Dance02:58
47.047Once too often02:58
48.048Easy To Love03:33
49.049Fine Romance03:40
50.050Heat Wave · 2 версии02:26
50.01Heat Wave #202:33
51.051Gypsy In My Soul04:13
52.052Sweet Georgia Brown02:32
53.053Fascinating Rhythm03:08
54.054All By Myself02:28
55.055Angel Eyes04:59
56.056It's Only A Paper Moon03:37
57.057Honeysuckle Rose02:42
58.058Mr. Paganini04:02
59.059No Strings03:06
61.061Some Of These Days · 2 версии04:28
61.01Some Of These Days #204:30
62.062Caravan (Instrumental)02:37
63.063Off Key (Desafinado)03:39
64.064Lets Face The Music And Dance · 2 версии02:19
64.01Lets Face The Music And Dance #202:58
65.065Take The A Train · 2 версии02:50
65.01Take The A Train #206:45
66.066With A Song In My Heart · 3 версии02:43
66.01With A Song In My Heart #202:46
66.02With A Song In My Heart #302:46
67.067Makin' Whoopee! · 2 версии02:32
67.01Makin' Whoopee! #203:47
69.069I Get A Kick Out Of You · 2 версии03:09
69.01I Get A Kick Out Of You #204:13
70.070I'm Beginning To See The Light · 3 версии02:42
70.01I'm Beginning To See The Light #204:15
70.02I'm Beginning To See The Light #303:38
71.071I Could Write A Book · 3 версии03:46
71.01I Could Write A Book #203:40
71.02I Could Write A Book #303:40
72.072Too Darn Hot (Kiss Me Kate) · 2 версии04:38
72.01Too Darn Hot (Kiss Me Kate) #203:54
73.073Change Partners03:15
74.074Can'T Help Lovin' That Man · 2 версии03:14
74.01Can'T Help Lovin' That Man #203:14
75.075Blip-Blip · 2 версии03:01
75.01Blip-Blip #203:00
76.076I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)04:27
77.077Why Don't You Do Right? · 2 версии02:30
77.01Why Don't You Do Right? #202:50
78.078I've Got A Crush On You03:40
79.079All of Me · 5 версий02:12
79.01All of Me #202:33
79.02All of Me #302:47
79.03All of Me #403:26
79.04All of Me #503:12
80.080Every Time We Say Good-Bye · 2 версии02:55
80.01Every Time We Say Good-Bye #203:36
81.081Its All Right03:11
82.082A-Tisket, А-Tasket02:47
83.083Samba de uma nota so02:24
84.084Whisper Not03:06
85.085How Deep Is The Ocean03:17
86.086Round Midnight · 8 версий02:44
86.01Round Midnight #203:40
86.02Round Midnight #306:25
86.03Round Midnight #406:29
86.04Round Midnight #503:08
86.05Round Midnight #602:56
86.06Round Midnight #703:30
86.07Round Midnight #803:39
87.087Slumming On Park Avenue02:23
89.089I Only Have Eyes For You · 3 версии02:35
89.01I Only Have Eyes For You #202:43
89.02I Only Have Eyes For You #302:40
90.090The Man I Love · 3 версии03:51
90.01The Man I Love #203:40
90.02The Man I Love #303:55
92.092Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You03:15
93.093What Is There To Say? · 2 версии03:29
93.01What Is There To Say? #203:29
94.094All That Jazz · 2 версии03:28
94.01All That Jazz #203:22
95.095It's A Lovely Day02:28
96.096Begin The Beguine03:28
97.097How High The Moon · 2 версии01:55
97.01How High The Moon #203:25
98.098Crazy Rhythm02:43
99.099Miss Otis Regrets · 2 версии03:06
99.01Miss Otis Regrets #203:05
100.0100Lady Be Good04:03
101.0101Little Girl Blue · 2 версии03:54
101.01Little Girl Blue #203:54
102.0102Fine Romance, A03:41
103.0103Georgia On My Mind06:09
104.0104Happy Talk02:33
105.0105Don't Get Around Much Anymore · 2 версии03:14
105.01Don't Get Around Much Anymore #202:00
106.0106I Can't Give You Anything But Love03:37
107.0107How Insensitive03:36
108.0108I'm Old Fashioned02:44
109.0109I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket03:02
110.0110Don't Be That Way · 2 версии03:55
110.01Don't Be That Way #203:55
111.0111You'll Have To Swing It · 2 версии05:12
111.01You'll Have To Swing It #205:09
112.0112A Night In Tunisia · 2 версии04:12
112.01A Night In Tunisia #204:11
113.0113The Song Is Ended02:40
115.0115My Heart Belongs To Daddy03:08
116.0116I Didn't Know What Time It Was · 2 версии03:47
116.01I Didn't Know What Time It Was #203:47
117.0117Air Mail Special04:31
118.0118Oh, Holy Night01:52
119.0119It Don't Mean A Thing03:04
120.0120I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart · 2 версии03:09
120.01I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart #203:39
121.0121Isn't This A Lovely Day03:29
122.0122Satin Doll03:28
123.0123My Romance · 2 версии03:44
123.01My Romance #203:44
124.0124Stormy Weather03:15
125.0125Frosty The Snow Man02:06
126.0126Fascinatin' Rhythm03:04
127.0127Blue Skies03:54
128.0128All Right Ok You Win04:23
129.0129A Ship Without A Sail · 2 версии04:09
129.01A Ship Without A Sail #204:09
130.0130One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota So)03:50
131.0131O Holy Night01:51
132.0132It Never Entered My Mind · 2 версии04:09
132.01It Never Entered My Mind #204:09
133.0133Alexander's Ragtime Band · 2 версии02:46
133.01Alexander's Ragtime Band #202:46
134.0134A-Tisket A-Tasket · 3 версии02:41
134.01A-Tisket A-Tasket #202:50
134.02A-Tisket A-Tasket #302:41
135.0135I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm02:59
136.0136Anything Goes03:11
137.0137It's All Right With Me · 3 версии04:32
137.01It's All Right With Me #202:47
137.02It's All Right With Me #303:11
138.0138Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered · 4 версии03:59
138.01Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered #204:24
138.02Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered #304:24
138.03Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered #406:49
139.0139Don'cha Go 'Way Mad · 3 версии02:40
139.01Don'cha Go 'Way Mad #203:02
139.02Don'cha Go 'Way Mad #302:40
140.0140Night And Day · 3 версии03:10
140.01Night And Day #202:02
140.02Night And Day #302:36
141.0141The Nearness of You03:49
142.0142Let Yourself Go · 2 версии02:18
142.01Let Yourself Go #202:18
144.0144They Can't Take That Away From Me03:05
145.0145You Can Have Him03:39
146.0146Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me03:49
147.0147Can't We Be Friends · 2 версии03:29
147.01Can't We Be Friends #203:29
148.0148Crazy He Calls Me03:22
149.0149Sophisticated Lady03:34
150.0150Mack The Knife · 2 версии03:14
150.01Mack The Knife #202:41
151.0151Embraceable You · 2 версии03:09
151.01Embraceable You #204:55
152.0152My Foolish Heart (Instrumental)03:08
153.0153So in love03:53
154.0154This Can't Be Love · 2 версии03:07
154.01This Can't Be Love #202:57
155.0155The Lady Is A Tramp · 2 версии03:12
155.01The Lady Is A Tramp #203:23
156.0156Let's Do It · 4 версии03:41
156.01Let's Do It #202:51
156.02Let's Do It #303:30
156.03Let's Do It #403:36
157.0157Black Coffee03:29
158.0158Isn't It Romantic · 3 версии03:01
158.01Isn't It Romantic #203:10
158.02Isn't It Romantic #303:01
159.0159Can't Buy Me Love02:37
161.0161Slap That Bass · 2 версии02:50
161.01Slap That Bass #202:49
162.0162Spring Is Here · 2 версии03:40
162.01Spring Is Here #203:40
163.0163Hello, Dolly! · 3 версии02:49
163.01Hello, Dolly! #203:54
163.02Hello, Dolly! #302:53
164.0164April In Peris04:02
165.0165Lullaby In Birdland02:36
166.0166Top Hat, White Tie And Tails · 2 версии02:13
166.01Top Hat, White Tie And Tails #202:31