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Elton John

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1.01Can You Feel The Love Tonight? · 8 версий04:01
1.01Can You Feel The Love Tonight? #203:43
1.02Can You Feel The Love Tonight? #304:01
1.03Can You Feel The Love Tonight? #403:53
1.04Can You Feel The Love Tonight? #503:35
1.05Can You Feel The Love Tonight? #604:14
1.06Can You Feel The Love Tonight? #704:19
1.07Can You Feel The Love Tonight? #804:05
2.02Never Too Late04:16
3.03Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word · 9 версий03:55
3.01Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word #203:38
3.02Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word #303:41
3.03Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word #403:35
3.04Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word #503:23
3.05Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word #603:57
3.06Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word #703:37
3.07Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word #803:35
3.08Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word #903:35
4.04Blessed · 7 версий05:05
4.01Blessed #204:56
4.02Blessed #304:03
4.03Blessed #404:04
4.04Blessed #505:12
4.05Blessed #604:57
4.06Blessed #705:00
5.05Blues never fade away04:45
6.06The Last Song03:26
7.07Part time love03:06
8.08Sacrifice · 7 версий05:20
8.01Sacrifice #205:07
8.02Sacrifice #305:10
8.03Sacrifice #405:04
8.04Sacrifice #505:06
8.05Sacrifice #605:09
8.06Sacrifice #704:58
9.09Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting · 2 версии04:57
9.01Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting #204:58
10.010Believe · 6 версий04:17
10.01Believe #204:16
10.02Believe #304:56
10.03Believe #404:25
10.04Believe #504:30
10.05Believe #604:04
12.012Sorry Seems To Be03:41
13.013Blue Avenue04:18
14.014Circle Of Life · 5 версий05:00
14.01Circle Of Life #204:02
14.02Circle Of Life #303:31
14.03Circle Of Life #403:30
14.04Circle Of Life #504:52
15.015Blue Eyes · 3 версии03:28
15.01Blue Eyes #203:23
15.02Blue Eyes #303:26
16.016Love Builds A Garden03:36
17.017A Word In Spanish04:36
18.018The One05:26
19.019Home Again05:09
20.020Your Song · 8 версий03:56
20.01Your Song #203:59
20.02Your Song #304:05
20.03Your Song #404:05
20.04Your Song #504:08
20.05Your Song #603:58
20.06Your Song #703:59
20.07Your Song #804:08
21.021Electricity · 3 версии03:45
21.01Electricity #202:53
21.02Electricity #302:58
22.022Something About The Way You Look Tonight04:15
23.023Candle In The Wind · 2 версии03:43
23.01Candle In The Wind #203:37
24.024Believe (piano version)02:52
25.025Daniel · 3 версии04:27
25.01Daniel #203:52
25.02Daniel #303:52
26.026Friends Never Say Goodbye · 2 версии04:00
26.01Friends Never Say Goodbye #204:20
27.027Crocodile Rock · 5 версий04:09
27.01Crocodile Rock #202:22
27.02Crocodile Rock #304:16
27.03Crocodile Rock #403:58
27.04Crocodile Rock #503:40
28.028Written In The Stars (Feat.L.A.Rimes)04:12
29.029A Good Heart04:51
31.031Goodbye Yellow Brick Road · 5 версий03:16
31.01Goodbye Yellow Brick Road #203:26
31.02Goodbye Yellow Brick Road #303:12
31.03Goodbye Yellow Brick Road #403:09
31.04Goodbye Yellow Brick Road #503:12
32.032Can you feel04:01
33.033The Bitch Is Back03:25
34.034This Train Don't Stop There Anymore04:49
36.036Empty garden (Hey hey Johnny)05:40
37.037Talking Old Soldier04:08
39.039Goodbye Ellow Brick Road03:27
40.040Looking Up · 2 версии04:01
40.01Looking Up #204:04
41.041Sweet Painted Lady03:49
42.042Guilty Pleasure04:03
43.043Made in England04:39
44.044Blue Wonderful03:40
45.045In the name of you · 2 версии04:39
45.01In the name of you #204:32
46.046The Bridge03:35
47.047I Want Love04:34
48.048Recover Your Soul04:32
50.050Wonderful Crazy Night03:23
51.051Jack Rabbit01:51
52.052We all fall in love sometimes04:49
53.053Honky Cat05:27
54.054You gotta love someone04:22
55.055Tiny Dancer · 2 версии06:21
55.01Tiny Dancer #206:36
56.056Too Young05:31
57.057Little Jeannie04:55
58.058You Can Make History Young Again05:18
59.059I've Seen That Movie Too05:54
60.060Original Sin04:42
61.061Are You Ready For Love · 2 версии04:43
61.01Are You Ready For Love #204:38
62.062Bennie And The Jets · 3 версии05:25
62.01Bennie And The Jets #204:34
62.02Bennie And The Jets #303:36
63.063I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues04:41
65.065Can you feel the love04:19
66.066I'm Still Standing · 2 версии03:03
66.01I'm Still Standing #203:06
67.067We Are One03:29
68.068Whispers (piano version)03:58
69.069Sad Songs (Say So Much) · 3 версии04:41
69.01Sad Songs (Say So Much) #204:35
69.02Sad Songs (Say So Much) #304:07
70.070Someone Saved My Life Tonight06:20
71.071Levon (original)05:01
72.072All That I'M Allowed I'M Thankfu04:18
73.073Elton's song03:22
74.074Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me · 4 версии05:28
74.01Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me #204:42
74.02Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me #305:24
74.03Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me #405:37
75.075Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds · 3 версии05:08
75.01Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds #205:08
75.02Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds #305:55
78.078American Triangle04:49
79.079Don't Go Breaking My Heart · 2 версии04:29
79.01Don't Go Breaking My Heart #204:29
80.080Rocket Man · 4 версии04:39
80.01Rocket Man #204:56
80.02Rocket Man #304:59
80.03Rocket Man #404:59
81.081The Heart Of Every Girl03:38
82.082Hay Ahab05:36
83.083Levon (REMAKE) · 2 версии05:05
83.01Levon (REMAKE) #205:41
84.084Look Ma, No Hands04:22
85.085Never Gonna Fall In Love Again04:08
86.086Turn The Lights Out When You Leave · 2 версии04:58
86.01Turn The Lights Out When You Leave #205:02
87.087Breaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used To Be)04:05
88.088Can You Feel The Tonight03:53
89.089Runaway Train (Feat. E.Clapton)05:39
91.091Wake Up Wendy04:16
92.092Blues For Baby And Me05:50
93.093Club At The End Of The Street04:57
94.094Madman Across The Water06:58
95.095Getto Gospel (Ft. 2pac)03:58
96.096Someday Out Of The Blue · 2 версии04:20
96.01Someday Out Of The Blue #203:59
97.097Mona Lisas05:12
98.098Philadelphia Freedom05:39
99.099Benny And The Jets05:18
100.0100Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy06:00
101.0101Healing Hands04:57
102.0102I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That04:46
103.0103Cry to Heaven04:17
104.0104Easier To Walk Away04:24
105.0105And The House Fell Down04:48
106.0106Versacce (Into The Jungle)04:27
107.0107The New Fever Waltz04:39
108.0108Oceans Away03:58
109.0109The Wasteland04:21
110.0110Freaks In Love04:32
111.0111All That I'm Allowed04:01
112.0112The Open Chord04:06
113.0113(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again04:10
115.0115Claw Hammer04:24
116.0116Lil frigerator03:37
117.01175th Avenue04:22
118.0118Step Into Christmas03:37
119.0119Skyline pigeon03:52
121.0121Love Lies Bleeding05:08
122.0122Suit of wolf05:48
123.012360 Years On03:44
124.0124Monkey Suit04:50
126.0126I Just Can't Wait To Be King03:46
127.0127Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes04:51
128.0128I`ve got two wings04:36