Franklin Arethaминусовки

Franklin Aretha

Всего минусовок: 110

1.01Think · 3 версииFranklin Aretha02:16
1.01Think #2Franklin Aretha03:16
1.02Think #3Franklin Aretha02:40
2.02Respect · 3 версииFranklin Aretha02:33
2.01Respect #2Franklin Aretha02:48
2.02Respect #3Franklin Aretha02:23
3.03Sweet Sweet Baby Since You've Been GoneFranklin Aretha02:48
4.04Chain Of Fools · 3 версииFranklin Aretha02:56
4.01Chain Of Fools #2Franklin Aretha02:54
4.02Chain Of Fools #3Franklin Aretha02:56
5.05Ain't No Way · 2 версииFranklin Aretha03:50
5.01Ain't No Way #2Franklin Aretha04:29
6.06Baby, I Love You · 2 версииFranklin Aretha02:42
6.01Baby, I Love You #2Franklin Aretha02:42
7.07It Hurts Like HellFranklin Aretha04:17
8.08For All We KnowFranklin Aretha03:57
9.09I Never Loved a Man (The Way That I Love You)Franklin Aretha02:54
10.010I Knew You Were Waiting For MeFranklin Aretha03:15
11.011Day DreamingFranklin Aretha03:58
12.012Here We Go AgainFranklin Aretha03:30
13.013Freeway Of LoveFranklin Aretha05:53
14.014Call MeFranklin Aretha03:17
15.015Border Song (Holy Moses)Franklin Aretha03:33
16.016Don't Play That Song · 2 версииFranklin Aretha02:59
16.01Don't Play That Song #2Franklin Aretha03:35
17.017Do Right Woman - Do Right ManFranklin Aretha03:20
18.018Amazing Grace · 2 версииFranklin Aretha04:22
18.01Amazing Grace #2Franklin Aretha04:30
19.019Deeper LoveFranklin Aretha04:41
20.020Day Dreamin'Franklin Aretha03:40
21.021A Rose Is Still A RoseFranklin Aretha04:08
22.022WomanFranklin Aretha05:44
23.023Watch My BackFranklin Aretha04:49
24.024In The MorningFranklin Aretha04:56
25.025Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)Franklin Aretha03:02
26.026Rose Is Still A RoseFranklin Aretha04:24
27.027A Deeper Love · 3 версииFranklin Aretha05:08
27.01A Deeper Love #2Franklin Aretha04:41
27.02A Deeper Love #3Franklin Aretha04:34
28.028Wonderful · 2 версииFranklin Aretha04:04
28.01Wonderful #2Franklin Aretha04:04
29.029Until You Come Back To Me ThatFranklin Aretha03:43
30.030TogetherFranklin Aretha02:52
31.031Willing To Forgive · 3 версииFranklin Aretha04:11
31.01Willing To Forgive #2Franklin Aretha04:21
31.02Willing To Forgive #3Franklin Aretha04:21
32.032Take Me In Your Arms And Love MeFranklin Aretha03:02
33.033Who's Zoomin' Who? · 2 версииFranklin Aretha04:41
33.01Who's Zoomin' Who? #2Franklin Aretha04:58
34.034SkylarkFranklin Aretha03:05
35.035Until You Come Back to MeFranklin Aretha03:28
36.036Share Youre Love With MeFranklin Aretha03:41
37.037The House That Jack BuiltFranklin Aretha02:16
38.038Let It BeFranklin Aretha03:37
39.039You Send MeFranklin Aretha02:37
40.040Jumpin' Jack FlashFranklin Aretha05:00
41.041Sisters Are Doing It for ThemselvesFranklin Aretha04:07
42.042Share Your Love With MeFranklin Aretha03:25
43.043I'll DipFranklin Aretha04:05
44.044It Isn'T, It Wasn'T, It Ain'T Never Gonna Be · 2 версииFranklin Aretha04:25
44.01It Isn'T, It Wasn'T, It Ain'T Never Gonna Be #2Franklin Aretha04:12
45.045Rock SteadyFranklin Aretha03:20
46.046I Say A Little Prayer · 3 версииFranklin Aretha03:27
46.01I Say A Little Prayer #2Franklin Aretha03:28
46.02I Say A Little Prayer #3Franklin Aretha03:27
47.047Dr. Feelgood · 4 версииFranklin Aretha03:21
47.01Dr. Feelgood #2Franklin Aretha03:22
47.02Dr. Feelgood #3Franklin Aretha03:19
47.03Dr. Feelgood #4Franklin Aretha03:18
48.048(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman · 4 версииFranklin Aretha03:01
48.01(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman #2Franklin Aretha02:48
48.02(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman #3Franklin Aretha03:04
48.03(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman #4Franklin Aretha03:25