Holiday Billieминусовки

Holiday Billie

Всего минусовок: 90

1.01I'm A Fool To Want YouHoliday Billie03:29
2.02Speak LowHoliday Billie05:16
3.03Moonlight In VermontHoliday Billie04:02
4.04Crazy He Calls Me · 2 версииHoliday Billie04:00
4.01Crazy He Calls Me #2Holiday Billie00:00
5.05Crazy in loveHoliday Billie00:00
6.06You've ChangedHoliday Billie03:38
7.07You're My ThrillHoliday Billie03:30
8.08What's NewHoliday Billie03:49
9.09What Is This Thing Called Love?Holiday Billie03:16
10.010What A Difference A Day MakesHoliday Billie02:47
11.011Tweedle DeeHoliday Billie03:26
12.012Travelin' LightHoliday Billie03:02
13.013Them There Eyes · 2 версииHoliday Billie02:48
13.01Them There Eyes #2Holiday Billie02:51
14.014That Old Devil Called LoveHoliday Billie03:09
15.015SummertimeHoliday Billie02:50
16.016Strange FruitHoliday Billie02:53
17.017Stormy WeatherHoliday Billie03:47
18.018SolitudeHoliday Billie03:22
19.019Orange Colored SkyHoliday Billie02:48
20.020My ManHoliday Billie02:51
21.021MistyHoliday Billie03:24
22.022The Very Thought Of You · 2 версииHoliday Billie02:37
22.01The Very Thought Of You #2Holiday Billie02:37
23.023Mean To MeHoliday Billie04:26
24.024Lover ManHoliday Billie04:23
25.025Just One More ChanceHoliday Billie03:52
26.026Just FriendsHoliday Billie02:09
27.027It Might As Well Be SpringHoliday Billie03:27
28.028I'll Be Seeing YouHoliday Billie03:51
29.029I Hear MusicHoliday Billie01:58
30.030I Didn't Know What Time It WasHoliday Billie06:18
31.031I Can't Give You Anything But Love, BabyHoliday Billie02:08
32.032He's Funny That WayHoliday Billie03:48
33.033God Bless The Child · 4 версииHoliday Billie03:04
33.01God Bless The Child #2Holiday Billie05:10
33.02God Bless The Child #3Holiday Billie02:51
33.03God Bless The Child #4Holiday Billie03:47
34.034Gloomy SundayHoliday Billie03:03
35.035For Heaven's SakeHoliday Billie04:10
36.036Everything Happens To MeHoliday Billie04:45
37.037I Get Along Without You Very WellHoliday Billie03:05
38.038Easy To LoveHoliday Billie04:26
39.039Easy Living · 2 версииHoliday Billie03:31
39.01Easy Living #2Holiday Billie03:18
40.040Easy Livin' SolitudeHoliday Billie03:18
41.041Don't Worry' Bout MeHoliday Billie02:51
42.042Don't ExplainHoliday Billie03:30
43.043But BeautifulHoliday Billie04:37
44.044Body And Soul · 2 версииHoliday Billie04:31
44.01Body And Soul #2Holiday Billie05:01
45.045Autumn In New YorkHoliday Billie04:21
46.046All Of Me · 2 версииHoliday Billie02:28
46.01All Of Me #2Holiday Billie02:09
47.047Ain'T Nobody's BusinessHoliday Billie03:13
48.048Can't Help Lovin' Dat ManHoliday Billie03:16
49.049UnknownHoliday Billie04:46
50.050Good Morning Heartache · 2 версииHoliday Billie03:19
50.01Good Morning Heartache #2Holiday Billie03:38