Johnny Cashминусовки

Johnny Cash

Всего минусовок: 75

1.01HurtJohnny Cash04:01
2.02God's Gonna Cut You DownJohnny Cash02:52
3.03Ain't No GraveJohnny Cash17:02
4.04Ring Of Fire · 4 версииJohnny Cash02:52
4.01Ring Of Fire #2Johnny Cash02:42
4.02Ring Of Fire #3Johnny Cash02:46
4.03Ring Of Fire #4Johnny Cash02:40
5.05Understand Your ManJohnny Cash03:03
6.06The One On The Right Is On The LeftJohnny Cash03:06
7.07The Ballad Of Ira HayesJohnny Cash04:33
8.08Sunday Morning Coming DownJohnny Cash04:20
9.09Sunday Mornin' Comin' DownJohnny Cash04:27
10.010So Doggone LonesomeJohnny Cash02:39
11.011Orange Blossom Special · 2 версииJohnny Cash03:34
11.01Orange Blossom Special #2Johnny Cash03:02
12.012One Piece At A TimeJohnny Cash04:22
13.013Man In BlackJohnny Cash03:06
14.014Luther Played The BoogieJohnny Cash02:28
15.015Guess Things Happen That WayJohnny Cash02:15
16.016Give My Love To RoseJohnny Cash03:20
17.017JacksonJohnny Cash02:41
18.018Forty Shades Of GreenJohnny Cash03:22
19.019Flesh & BloodJohnny Cash02:48
20.020Don't Take Your Guns To TownJohnny Cash03:21
21.021Do LordJohnny Cash02:13
22.022Daddy Sang BassJohnny Cash02:39
23.023Big RiverJohnny Cash02:47
24.024Ballad Of A Teen-Age-QueenJohnny Cash02:28
25.025Away In A MangerJohnny Cash03:38
26.026A Boy Named Sue · 4 версииJohnny Cash03:40
26.01A Boy Named Sue #2Johnny Cash03:39
26.02A Boy Named Sue #3Johnny Cash03:54
26.03A Boy Named Sue #4Johnny Cash03:47
27.027Rigers In The SkyJohnny Cash03:39
28.028I've Been EverywhereJohnny Cash03:17
29.029In The Jailhouse NowJohnny Cash02:42
30.030Personal JesusJohnny Cash03:26
31.031I Walk The Line · 5 версийJohnny Cash03:01
31.01I Walk The Line #2Johnny Cash01:59
31.02I Walk The Line #3Johnny Cash02:39
31.03I Walk The Line #4Johnny Cash02:51
31.04I Walk The Line #5Johnny Cash03:16
32.032Get RhythmJohnny Cash02:09
33.033A Thing Called Love · 2 версииJohnny Cash02:50
33.01A Thing Called Love #2Johnny Cash02:33
34.034Folsom Prison Blues · 3 версииJohnny Cash02:34
34.01Folsom Prison Blues #2Johnny Cash02:57
34.02Folsom Prison Blues #3Johnny Cash03:11
35.035(Ghost) Riders In The Sky · 2 версииJohnny Cash04:09
35.01(Ghost) Riders In The Sky #2Johnny Cash03:47