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Sarah Brightman

Всего минусовок: 206

1.01Memory · 3 версии03:45
1.01Memory #203:47
1.02Memory #303:57
2.02Hijo De La Luna · 4 версии04:16
2.01Hijo De La Luna #204:16
2.02Hijo De La Luna #304:28
2.03Hijo De La Luna #404:42
3.03Dust In The Wind03:40
4.04The Phantom Of The Opera · 3 версии04:16
4.01The Phantom Of The Opera #204:16
4.02The Phantom Of The Opera #304:11
5.05Time To Say Goodbye · 7 версий04:01
5.01Time To Say Goodbye #204:03
5.02Time To Say Goodbye #303:59
5.03Time To Say Goodbye #404:06
5.04Time To Say Goodbye #504:03
5.05Time To Say Goodbye #606:57
5.06Time To Say Goodbye #704:05
6.06Scarborough Fair · 4 версии04:12
6.01Scarborough Fair #202:58
6.02Scarborough Fair #303:05
6.03Scarborough Fair #403:25
7.07Winter Light03:23
8.08Harem · 3 версии05:51
8.01Harem #205:53
8.02Harem #305:47
9.09Think Of Me · 2 версии03:04
9.01Think Of Me #203:27
10.010Moment Of Peace04:00
11.011Ave maria (bach-gounod) · 3 версии03:00
11.01Ave maria (bach-gounod) #202:53
11.02Ave maria (bach-gounod) #304:08
12.012Phantom Of The Opera04:13
13.013Anytime, Anywhere · 4 версии03:18
13.01Anytime, Anywhere #203:17
13.02Anytime, Anywhere #303:14
13.03Anytime, Anywhere #403:19
14.014Music Of The Night05:09
15.015Beautiful · 2 версии04:38
15.01Beautiful #204:42
16.016Amigos para siempre04:37
17.017First Of May · 2 версии03:01
17.01First Of May #203:00
22.022Stranger In Paradise · 2 версии04:28
22.01Stranger In Paradise #204:31
23.023It's A Beautiful Day · 2 версии03:46
23.01It's A Beautiful Day #203:46
24.024I Remember03:08
25.025Nothing Like You'Ve Ever Known03:10
26.026Pie Jesu04:37
27.027Gloomy Sunday · 3 версии03:56
27.01Gloomy Sunday #203:49
27.02Gloomy Sunday #303:50
28.028La Passion05:11
29.029Solo Con Te03:12
30.030Only An Ocean Away · 4 версии04:51
30.01Only An Ocean Away #204:52
30.02Only An Ocean Away #304:57
30.03Only An Ocean Away #404:57
31.031All I Ask Of You · 2 версии03:55
31.01All I Ask Of You #203:59
32.032Away From You · 2 версии03:32
32.01Away From You #203:32
33.033Brown Eyes03:23
34.034A Salty Dog04:20
35.035Snow On The Sahara04:51
36.036Deliver Me · 3 версии03:58
36.01Deliver Me #204:12
36.02Deliver Me #303:52
37.037A Question Of Honour · 2 версии05:18
37.01A Question Of Honour #205:19
38.038Fleurs Du Mal04:07
39.039La Califfa02:44
40.040I Wil Be With You (Where The Lost Ones Go)04:31
41.041What A Wonderful World03:31
42.042Namida When Firebirds Cry04:14
43.043How Fair This Place02:09
44.044O sole mio04:00
45.045Macavity · 2 версии05:22
45.01Macavity #204:18
46.046The War Is Over05:17
47.047My Heart Will Go On04:18
48.048Scene Damour Fl02:48
50.050Nessun Dorma03:12
52.052Eden · 2 версии03:59
52.01Eden #203:57
53.053The Last Man In My Life · 2 версии03:14
53.01The Last Man In My Life #203:13
54.054Winter In July04:32
56.056Chanson D'Enfance03:56
57.057Figlio Perduto04:37
58.058Somewhere In Time03:02
59.059I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper · 2 версии04:30
59.01I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper #204:39
60.060There For Me03:28
62.062What You Never Know03:36
63.063No One Like You · 2 версии04:47
63.01No One Like You #204:47
64.064If Love Were All04:31
65.065So Many Things · 2 версии02:58
65.01So Many Things #202:59
66.066Don'T Cry For Me Argentina05:30
67.067Dans la nuit02:42
68.068Titanic il mio cuore va04:18
69.069Tu Quieres Volver04:02
70.070Love Changes Everything · 2 версии03:36
70.01Love Changes Everything #203:32
72.072Whiter Shade Of Pale03:13
73.073Who Wants To Live Forever03:56
74.074Lascia Ch'io Pianga03:32
75.075Here With Me04:14
76.076Something To Believe In03:48
77.077I Believe In Father Christmas03:45
78.078Canto Della Terra · 2 версии04:01
78.01Canto Della Terra #203:55
79.079Tell Me On A Sunday · 2 версии03:48
79.01Tell Me On A Sunday #203:47
80.080Just Show Me How To Love You04:06
81.081Macavity: The Mystery Cat02:35
82.082La Luna05:00
83.083Il Mio Cuore Va04:31
84.084There Is More To Love · 2 версии02:40
84.01There Is More To Love #202:40
85.085Nella Fantasia03:39
86.086En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor · 2 версии03:48
86.01En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor #203:46
87.087Silent Heart04:00
88.088The Journey Home04:58