Всего минусовок: 89

1.01Love Will Set You Free03:53
3.03Is This Love · 8 версий04:58
3.01Is This Love #204:40
3.02Is This Love #304:27
3.03Is This Love #404:42
3.04Is This Love #504:42
3.05Is This Love #604:34
3.06Is This Love #704:18
3.07Is This Love #804:43
4.04Here I Go Again · 5 версий04:52
4.01Here I Go Again #204:24
4.02Here I Go Again #305:05
4.03Here I Go Again #404:45
4.04Here I Go Again #503:37
5.05The Deeper The Love04:32
6.06Fool For Your Lovin04:25
7.07Soldier Of Fortune-Т (Акустическая)03:16
8.08White Snake - Is This Love Em Op+back04:42
9.09Still Of The Night · 3 версии06:35
9.01Still Of The Night #206:53
9.02Still Of The Night #306:37
10.010Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City05:23
11.011Give Me All Your Love · 5 версий06:13
11.01Give Me All Your Love #203:28
11.02Give Me All Your Love #303:30
11.03Give Me All Your Love #406:13
11.04Give Me All Your Love #503:28
12.012The Gypsy03:42
13.013Fool For Your Loving04:29
14.014Whitesnake- Best Years05:15
17.017Hit An' Run03:18
18.018Aint No Love05:07
19.019Judgement Day05:24
20.020Sailing Ships05:25
21.021Come An' Get It04:07
22.022Ready And Willing03:20
23.023Whitesnake - Fool For Your Lovin'04:34
24.024Hot Stuff03:07
25.025Time And Again · 2 версии04:08
25.01Time And Again #203:55
26.026Soul Survivor (unreleased)03:08
27.027Sailing Ships - Т03:59
28.028Slow An' Easy06:16
29.029Slide It In · 3 версии03:17
29.01Slide It In #203:32
29.02Slide It In #303:22
30.030Looking for Love06:35
31.031Forevermore · 2 версии04:43
31.01Forevermore #207:21
32.032Love Ain't No Stranger04:45
33.033Whitesnake Here I Go Again ' 8704:35
34.034Don't Break My Heart Again04:22
35.035Crying In The Rain · 2 версии05:27
35.01Crying In The Rain #205:04
36.036Black And Blue04:11
37.037Walking In The Shadow Of Blues04:18